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Hybrid Plastic & Breakaway

We can custom make combination Stagesafe® and Breakaway Hybrid items in any colour, such as a bottle in which the neck is made in a hard non-breakable Stagesafe® plastic with a jagged end, and the bottom part is breakaway resin (or vice-versa). When smashed against a table, the breakaway portion will smash away, leaving the Stagesafe® portion intact with the pre-cut jagged end.

For theatre shows where you don’t have a second take, and to achieve continuity across multiple movie takes, this is ideal. You can decide in advance how much of an item will break, and the shape & sharpness of the break. Bottles can be dressed & labelled as normal. Multiples of a standard wine sized bottle would be around £140 each, but this can go up depending on the item, shape & type of break required. Hybrid bottles are always made to order.

Here you can see some photos; a hybrid AB08 Red Wine Bottle below-left, and Stagesafe® & hybrid AB30 bottles below-right.

Here are a batch of completed AB30 Hybrid whiskey bottles. The jagged edge on the Stagesafe® neck can simplified and rounded/safer, or sharp and complex which gives a better effect, but is more time consuming, less safe, & more expensive.

Finally here you can see a G22 Hybrid cut glass whiskey tumbler, with a Stagesafe® base and breakaway rim. Below from left to right there is a standard Stagesafe® G22, cutting it’s jagged edge, the complete G22 Breakaway-Hybrid glass, then the smashed G22 leaving the Stagesafe® broken base intact.

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