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Soft & Rigid Rubber

We can produce items in both in a soft/crumbly rubber, or a tough semi-rigid rubber. Rubber items can be cast as flat sheets, mirrored, or shapes such as bottles or glasses, in any transparent or solid colour.

Rigid Rubber (shown in the video above) is perfect for use in fight scenes where you might want to threaten someone with a broken bottle, which is soft enough not injure them if jabbed into their skin, but is rigid enough not to flop around during filming. It won’t tare or degrade with repeated abuse, would be supplied as a complete shape, and you would cut up yourself.

Please note: the properties of our Rigid rubber bottles can be changed with temperature, depending on your requirements. They work best around 25°C for most applications. If a bottle is too rigid/hard, you can make it softer & more flexible by warming it up with a hair dryer. They can still hold their shape at 50°C+, but will be very soft. if a bottle is too soft, you can firm it up by cooling it. At 0°C, it will be almost completely hard.

The soft/crumbly rubber sheets perform exceptionally well as dressing in fight sequences where broken breakaway glass may be considered too hard for actors to roll around in. They’re supplied in 1ft square sheets, and due to their flexibility are only really suitable for smaller broken pieces.

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