Soft Rubber Sheet Glass


(Per 1ft x 1ft Piece)


Rubber glass is a soft flexible version of our breakaway glass. It can be produced in flat sheets or cast in shapes. It’s perfect for replicating such things as shattered window glass, and performs exceptionally well as dressing in fight sequences where broken breakaway glass may be considered too hard for actors to roll around in. We sell two versions; both similar, although one can be torn into shards or crumbled into tiny pieces much easier than the other which is a little more resilient, won’t grind up into smaller pieces and can be reused, both can be cast in any transparent or solid colour.

Rubber sheet glass is priced per square foot, and is sold in 1ft square pieces (for ease of handing, transport and storage), and the thickness is approximately 5mm or 1/4″. Please be aware that due to it’s soft flexibility, it’s only really suitable for use in smaller pieces, as shown in the photos above.

We usually try and hold a limited number of sheets in stock to cover immediate rush orders, but we will require time to produce much larger orders. Manufacturing times depend on the size of an order, but rarely take more than one week from it being confirmed & paid for to being ready to collect. We can ship our rubber glass worldwide via road or air freight, or it can be collected from either of our workshops; in Tiverton, Devon or Shepperton, London. Orders are packed into boxes for transportation, and a further packed for international transit for extra protection.

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