Textured Glass



We can produce breakaway glass with a surface texture or pattern. Below are the textures we keep as stock moulds, and other textures can be produced on request, either moulded from a sample provided by you, or from a glass manufacturer such as ‘Pilkington Glass LTD’ UK.

Breakaway textured sheet glass is priced per square foot, plus any setup & crating charges. Each piece is poured to size and neither the size nor the texture can be adjusted once made, so its best to make absolutely sure of your specifications before you confirm an order. The largest size we could usually make is (200cm x 100cm) or (6ft x 3½ft), but this is always dependent on the size of any pre-existing texture moulds, and the thickness ranges from 4mm for the smallest upto 7mm for the largest sheets, but this is completely dictated by the size of a given sheet, and the thickness of the glass doesn’t correspond to its strength. Please note that as a thermoplastic material, sheet glass can contract by <1% from it's original poured size depending on your ambient working temperature.

All textured glass is produced on an order by order basis. Manufacturing times depend on the size of an order, but rarely take more than one week from it being confirmed & paid for to being ready to collect, although very large orders can sometimes take longer.

We can ship our sheet glass (and variants) worldwide via road or air freight, but as a general rule sheet glass orders within England, Wales & Scotland are collected from us via direct collection arranged by the purchaser. Collected orders are packed into wooden crates to allow for transportation, but still need to be kept upright at all times.

Glass orders to be shipped internationally are further packed in a second sprung wooden crate, much like our patented ‘Boingy Box’ packing system, with a base pallet to keep the crate upright and allow easy transportation. This reduces the risk of breakages as much as is possible. Generally, shipping via air freight takes a day or so, but would be as far as the destination airport only. Road freight usually takes longer, but would be to your door. Please contact us if you require a shipping quote.

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