Broken Glass



We usually keep a limited stock of broken sheet glass pieces, which we sell by the Kilo. 1kg is a sheet approximately (2ft x 1ft) or (609 x 304mm) broken up. Pieces obviously vary, but tend to be a maximum of 1ft square in size, and the thickness is usually 5mm to 6mm. Amounts required beyond the quality we have in stock at any given time, would have to be bought as standard sheet glass.

Manufacturing times depend on the size of an order, but rarely take more than one week from it being confirmed & paid for to being ready to collect, although very large orders can sometimes take longer.

We can ship our broken sheet glass worldwide via road or air freight, or it can be collected from either of our workshops; in Tiverton, Devon or Shepperton, London. Orders are packed into boxes to allow for transportation, and a further packed for international transit, but still need to be kept upright at all times.

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