Ice & Icicles



Icicles made from our breakaway material can not only be used as breakaways, but also work well as practical set dressing. They’re normally ordered individually by length, with each one made by hand so that every one is unique. Our raw breakaway glass resin also makes an excellent non-melting crushed ice substitute for such things as photo shoots, where real ice would be impractical. It’s supplied in blocks to be broken up as required.

Raw breakaway glass resin is normally available as stock, icicles are produced on an order by order basis. Manufacturing times depend on the size of an order, but rarely take more than one week from it being confirmed & paid for to being ready to collect, although very large orders can sometimes take longer.

We can ship our ice & icicles worldwide via road or air freight, or it can be collected from either of our workshops; in Tiverton, Devon or Shepperton, London. Orders are packed into boxes to allow for transportation, and a further packed for international transit, but still need to be kept upright at all times.

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